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Warmer and Scent of the Month

Himalayan Salt Warmer

Comes in Pink or White

A genuine, hand-carved piece of rock salt from the Himalayans, our new Himalayan Salt Warmer creates a sense of serenity in any space. Available in pink or white salt, no two warmers are alike, and the appearance of the salt actually changes over time as you warm your favorite fragrance.

Inhale, Exhale

Search for inner peace with salted citrus, calming freesia and solar woods.

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Disney's Mickey Mouse & Friends

Celebrate everlasting friendship with these charming products and fragrances.


Fragrance Delivery Systems

We believe that by creating beautiful fragrances — and the simple systems that release those fragrances into your life — we can lift moods, stir memories and change lives.  


New Laundry Fragrance

Our high-performance laundry products are infused with fresh Scentsy fragrance for a beautiful finish.

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